10 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom a Safer Place

Bath safety doesn’t get nearly the attention that it deserves. And it isn’t until we recognize a problem or experience an accident that we become proactive about changing the bathroom space. We recommend being proactive and making a change today. Set up your bathroom with easy to add and install safety features well before you think you’ll ever need the added support.

Here are 10 things that you can do today to make your bathroom a safer space. 

  1. Install Grab Bars

Grab bars come in different sizes to add strength, stability and support when getting in and out of the bath. Never grab the towel rack, shower door or sink as these were not installed to withstand the weight of people.

  1. Add a Transfer Bench

Transfer benches position the bench partly inside the shower and partly outside the shower. Sometimes we need a transfer to get in and out of the shower. Transfer benches are also the perfect companions for use with a transfer chair. Some transfer benches come with a strong handle to grab onto adding additional support.

  1. Add Support Railings Around the Toilet

Support railings around the toilet allow people to use their arms for additional strength and support when getting off the toilet. Support railings are a key safety feature and are great to pair with a toilet seat riser.

  1. Add a Bath Step Stool 

A step stool is used to reduce the distance one must step into the shower or bath. A good bath step stool has a grip on it and adds safety and security when stepping in and out of the bath.

  1. Add an Anti-Slip Bath mat

These are essential for everyone standing in the bath and shower. Anti-slip bath mats provide grip for the bare feet and add safety when standing. Remember, do not grab onto the sink or shower curtain for support when in the shower. Always use grab bars for additional support.

  1. Install a Hand Held Shower Extension

A hand shower extension allows the user to comfortably bath when seated in a shower chair. 

  1. Tub Grab Bars 

A different kind of grab bar can be installed on the sides of the bath tub to give people a support bar to grab onto when getting in and out of the bath. This can be particularly helpful if the bath area is slippery and wet.

  1. Add a Shower Chair

We highly recommend using a chair in the shower and bath to eliminate standing when showering. This reduces the chance of a fall when moving around in a tight bath space. Some shower chairs have armrests and some have backs. Some chairs are made without the back support and are more of a bench style.

  1. Install a Toilet Seat Riser

A toilet seat riser raises the height of the toilet seat, making it easier for people to get on and off the toilet. A toilet seat riser reduces the distance to sit and stand, reducing strain on the legs and creating a more comfortable experience on the toilet.

  1. Use a Commode

A commode is a portable toilet and can be used bedside for people with limited mobility. Commodes have hidden chamber pots which make it easy remove and empty.

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