Everyone Needs a Shower Chair | Part 1

As I write this article now, not all of us have our health and mobility. The other day, I came home from work and I turned the shower on. I do what many of us do - I closed the door and let the bathroom fill up with steam and heat. Many have their traditions around the bath and shower - some enjoy lighting candles and putting on music.  I went back into the bathroom and decided the shower and room temperature were too my liking. I pulled the curtain back and entered the shower. Ahh, bliss. The shower is one of those few places in the house where we are alone. Not all of us have our privacy. Privacy is truly a privilege.

I turned toward the stream of water coming down from the shower head. It was delightful. You know the feeling. I stood up straight and put my face right under the water. It was like a waterfall pounding me in the head. Marvelous. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. And for a second, I felt that I was a bit dizzy. Wait, how can this be? I thought, “Was it because my eyes were closed and I wasn’t watching what I was doing? Was it the heat and steam that had built up in the bathroom. Maybe it’s because I am vegetarian? My doctor keeps warning me about that B12.

I had no explanation and frankly many of us can’t always explain small bouts of dizziness. But, was it safe to be standing in the shower? I realized right here, right now, that standing in the shower may have been dangerous. We don’t need to lose our mobility or get injured to use a shower chair. Slipping is the obvious risk, what about dizziness from the hot water?

Sitting in the shower and bath isn’t just comfortable and relaxing. It’s safe too. All ages, all genders and all body types can benefit from sitting in the shower. So try it out next time you are taking a shower. Get out that shower chair, run that hot water and sit down and relax.

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