Make Your Bathtub Safe and Comfortable

Safety in the bath is and should be a major concern. Approximately 25-40% of seniors have difficulty climbing into or out of a bathtub. Many seniors instead opt for a ‘birdbath’, using the water from the sink to bath. Inadequate bathing may lead to medical and health concerns.

Even more troubling is that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 235,000 people every year visit the emergency room for an accident in the bathroom. One third of this number visit the emergency room due to accidents related to bathing or showering. 

The best thing to do is prepare the area in and around the bathtub. A step-up stool can minimize the steep step into the bathtub. It also adds to stability and safety, as the user does not have to extend himself.

Grab bars can be installed in and around the tub, making it easier to get in and out of the bathtub. Grab bars create support and stability and there are grab bar options that attach to the walls and others that attach directly to the bathtub.

A shower chair with arms eliminates the need to lay down in the bath allowing the bath chair user to safely and comfortably bath while seated.

Transfer benches allow the safe transfer of the user from outside of the bathtub into the bathtub. Most transfer benches come with a rigid handle as well.

We believes in a safe and comfortable bath area for everyone. Don’t wait to upgrade your bath area. Do it today!

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