Welcome to Lonjev.

Lonjev was started to solve a problem. 



When a family member of Jacob Whyman, the company's CEO, fell ill, Jacob watched as his family member recovered in the home. Bathroom products were some of the most important products purchased. These very products - transfer benches, shower chairs and toilet seat risers - were essential to an in-home recovery. But, the bathroom products all look like they had been made for the hospital. That’s because they were! Stale colors, metal legs and uncomfortable arms, a lack of ergonomics, rigid edges and hard materials, the list goes on and on. Jacob was frustrated with the lack of style and poorly designed products made from cheap materials. So he set out on a mission to make better products. First, his vision would need the talent of one of the world’s best product designers.

Bound by a like-minded interest in improving products for the bathroom, Jacob Whyman and Christopher Crowhurst connected. Christopher had designed the HurryCane®, the best-selling walking stick in America and only walking cane to stand on its own.

Together, Jacob and Christopher created Lonjev, a company that would be home to a new standard of beautiful, highly functional bathroom products. Together, they would make the best bathroom products the world had ever seen.  

Together, they would put comfort, safety, and style above all else.

How is Lonjev Different?

  • Lonjev wholeheartedly believes that everyone deserves high-quality, stylish products to optimize your safety and comfort.
  • Lonjev believes that mobility and bath aid products do not need to look like they were made for a hospital.
  • Lonjev actively engages with you to understand changes that you want to see in the products that you use on a daily basis. 

Thank you for believing in Lonjev and trusting that Lonjev never compromises.