Lonjev Bath Chair

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Product Description

Relax into the tranquility of your bath without having to worry about slipping and falling.

Patent pending technology reinvents comfort and stability

  • Stable Trax System creates advanced stability

  • Ultra comfortable back

  • Folds and unfolds easily

  • The Lonjev Bath Chair is lightweight, comfortable and requires no assembly 

  • Fully adjustable legs, arms and back

  • A must-have bathroom accessory for stability and comfort
  • Lonjev Bath Chair is designed and engineered by the inventor of the HurryCane®.

The Lonjev Bath Chair is comfortable, lightweight, non-slip, easy to fold, requires no assembly and is ultra stable thanks to it’s ‘Stable Trax' system. Folds up, adjusts to your body and is so comfortable you won’t want to move.

Your chair. Take it with you.

From the inventor of the HurryCane® comes the Lonjev Bath Chair, the market’s first folding bath chair. It’s so easy to fold and unfold you’ll want to bring it with you wherever you go. Thanks to innovation - the bath chair has exfiltration drainage and ergonomics. It’s also fully adjustable in the back and legs.